Jolt Science is monthly web TV series where innovators and experts talk science. Presenters Sandra Tuszynska and Robert Whyte are both passionate about science communication as the key to encouraging coherent, practical and meaningful action to save the world.

The name Jolt Science signifies excitement, accessibility, energy, and immediacy. It is intentionally shocking. Our world will no doubt survive for billions more years, but if we keep going as we are, it will soon become an extremely unpleasant, polluted wasteland. Life will survive in some form, but the things we cherish, fresh air, fresh water, healthy forests and abundant seas will be gone. Extinctions are occurring at an alarming rate, faster than we name new species before they disappear.

Jolt Science hopes to capture, communicate and spark ideas to promote citizen science, the participation and collaboration of people from all walks of life and levels of experience, in real science aimed at understanding how the world works biologically and what we need to do to stop it getting irretrievably wrecked.

Jolt Science web TV will be delivered over the Internet, with a new episode of 22 minutes or 44 minutes appearing on the first of every month.

Jolt Science is purely voluntary and not-for-profit open-source information service licensed CC BY NC, which means its content can be used anywhere as long as it attributed and is not used commercially. Jolt Science is an informal entity of no legal or business structure standing or liability, comprising of core founders Sandra Tuszynska and Robert Whyte either together or individually, as well as any voluntary participants at any time.


Sandra Tuszynska and Robert Whyte discussing the Jolt Science One-square-meter Zoom-info Challenge, where participants document one square metre of habitat to find out what is living there. 

Robert Whyte with a Netcasting Spider Deinopis subrufa which travelled on a line of silk down to land on his ear so it could star in the first Jolt Science episode.  

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