Jolt Science’s  Sandra Tuszynska, Robert Whyte and Anne Jones

Jolt Science did a session with the Royal Society of Queensland (our oldest and most venerated science society) at the Brisbane International Science Festival on Saturday 23 March 2019, with Robert Whyte, Anne Jones and Sandra Tuszynska taking the “Ask an Expert” chair for the morning session. Included herein are excerpts from the report of Royal Society event organiser Tony Van Der Ark. Also Sandra’s piratical journeys to the ABC tent to steal an interview with Dr. Karl.

The event went very well and beyond our expectations.  Across the 15 hours we were open, the stand was at capacity for at least 60% of the time and we didn’t have a single minute with fewer than 8 people. The shell displays were amazing and extremely popular. We had a great team of learned folks from Birds Queensland, the Royal Society of QLD, the QNC and Jolt Science answering questions ranging from slides rules, standing waves, fossils, to the scale of the universe. Hundreds of children and parents absolutely loved it. Young Harry displayed great stamina and enthusiasm giving non-stop explanations of the demonstrations, a number of people commented on his proficiency and surprise that he has only just turned 15.